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3 Things: Monkey, Minty, Mickey

Ceramic Monkey A longtime friend of the family gave me a matching set of shiny ceramic monkeys seven months after I commented on her monkey curtains. I want to be as cool as this monkey someday. Frozen Thin Mint Cookies The mother of all snacks! Putting Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies in the freezer creates […]

3 Things: Packaging, Coca-Cola Japan and Rattlesnake Eggs

Vintage Stainless Steel Sponge Packaging While passing through Utah, I made a stop at a Salt Lake City antique shop that looked like it was hit by a tornado full of awesome. While skimming through their historic piles of prizes, I found Danny Duzit looking right at me with his shining, silver afro. I’m a […]

3 Things: Rambo, Chips and Toilet Paper

Rambo Pencil Eraser I couldn’t pass up on this gem. Close your eyes and picture a little kid using this as a pencil eraser. I don’t know about you, but a few things come to my mind: #1) This little kid is bad ass. #2) He’s got a half-naked man holding a knife and a […]

3 Things: Toads, Bunnies and Eediots

Every so often I’m going to post about 3 things. I’ll be selecting and writing about some of my odd, nostalgic, or favorite items from my home, office, car, or whatever other locations I use to hoard my collectibles. Battletoads – Nintendo Entertainment System Game Test not only your fighting skills with one of the […]