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A Trip To SneakerCon NYC

I just got back from a trip to NYC, where we took the Johnny Cupcakes cupcake-mobile to SneakerCon to sling t-shirts. While packing pillows, pistachios, and sneakers, we avoided traffic by leaving Boston quite early. Although our air conditioner wasn’t working just right, we beat Mother Nature’s muggy blanket of chokeholding-hot forget-me-nots. Rolling with laughter […]

The BIG Simpsons x Johnny Cupcakes recap!

Our Simpsons x Johnny Cupcakes collaboration went wonderful! People from around the world camped out in front of their computers pressing the refresh button until their fingers blistered up. When launched, most items online sold out within MINUTES! As for my retail shops, customers slept out on the streets for days, in front of each […]

The Simpsons x Johnny Cupcakes

It was just about two years ago when we were approached by the wonderful folks at Fox to collaborate on a project for The Simpson’s 25th anniversary. We’ve done some great collaborations that we’re extremely proud of, but The Simpsons? They are so deeply ingrained in our culture, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who […]

British Bits

Some lasting memories of gallivanting around London include, but are not limited to, bears, bagels, buddies, BBQ, and seeing Deltron 3030 perform with a live orchestra. It won’t be too long until I head back over, as the 3 year anniversary of Johnny Cupcakes London is right around the corner. See you at our Carnaby […]

London Lectures

During a recent trip out to London, I made time to share my tips, advice, jokes, and entrepreneurial beliefs with some of England’s finest establishments. Lecturing is my favorite thing to do, because even just one sentence could completely alter someones future in a positive way. If I can make people laugh while they’re learning, […]