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After starting out of the trunk of a car in 2001, Johnny Cupcakes has grown to be an exclusive, international brand with "faux-bakeries" in Boston, London and Los Angeles. Over the past 10 years, an inspiring community of collectors has formed, prompting customers to camp outside the stores for up to two weeks for limited edition product releases. Click through the story above to see more about the events, places and people that make up the brand.

Winter in Boston

Posted on January 5, 2013

Boston, Massachusetts is a place that’s known for its heavy history, pool of great schools, Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg movies, seafood and sometimes sports. Boston is also notoriously known for its bone-bruising winters. Some people say that they could never live here. Well, our cold winters may be a burden to you, however, they hold a special place in my heart.
As a child, I would ninja-crawl out of my bedroom at night to watch the news next to my snoring dad. Why the news you might ask? Well, during the winter with there being any chance of snow, meant there was a chance that school could be canceled. That scrolling school cancellation list was like the lottery for every kid. My adolescent eyes would watch my parents Panasonic television as if it was my only hope for freedom. In a sense, it was.
Winter enables the holiday season to feel that much more magical in Massachusetts. Mother nature exposes the city’s skeleton, showing its bare beauty; there’s the smell of frosty fireplaces; sledding on hazardous hills; neighborhood snowball fights; ice skating (or attempting to); and building snowmen with extra body parts. There’s also an unspoken, heightened appreciation for warm food, going to the movies, and playing board games with friends.
Boston is a small city that packs a punch. I think most of it attributes to peoples work ethic and pride. During the wintertime, many folks work longer hours while building strong sets of plans to execute throughout the rest of the year. It’s like we’re hibernating, but we’re really just going back to the lab instead of sleeping. What’s wonderful about living in a state with everchanging seasons, is that every few months there’s a jolt of energy, excitement, and inspiration. With each season comes a set of new activities, appreciations, and memories.