Johnny Cupcakes is the original unordinary bakeshop.

After starting out of the trunk of a car in 2001, Johnny Cupcakes has grown to be an exclusive, international brand with "faux-bakeries" in Boston, London and Los Angeles. Over the past 10 years, an inspiring community of collectors has formed, prompting customers to camp outside the stores for up to two weeks for limited edition product releases. Click through the story above to see more about the events, places and people that make up the brand.

A Trip To The Record Shop v2

Posted on January 19, 2013

Digable Planets: Blowout Comb – Jazzy and easy on the ears with it’s smooth, stand-up bass samples. A more poetic, coffee house, open-mic style of rapping. It’s almost impossible to not bob your head and tap your fingers while listening to anything from Digable Planets. For fans of Tribe Called Quest and Miles Davis.
Aphex Twin: Ambient Works Volume II – Aphex Twin is pretty experimental, however, this album is more on the calm side. The name of the album says it all. Very ambient, super sleepy, relaxing and makes for great background music—unless you’re nearly falling asleep at the wheel—which in that case I’d recommend listening/singing to Jock Jams full blast with the windows down. This album sounds like Stanley Kubrick space sounds meets Sigor Rós.
Fela Kuti: Live in Detroit 1987 – 4 winters ago I was at a holiday party in a huge art studio in Somerville, Massachusetts. During the wee hours of the night, I heard laughter braided with music coming from another room down the hand-painted hallways. As I walked over with curiosity, I saw a group of people dancing. Now I’m not talking about your typical dancing, these people didn’t give a f———. Heck, I didn’t either. I’m not much of a dancer (well, I used to be not much of a dancer) and I caught the dance bug from Fela Kuti. Ever since, he’s been one of my favorites. RIP Fela!
Ratatat: LP3 – Ratatat created their own sound, which is a feat in itself these days. Instrumental music with a hint of sound from the Victorian era and the future. This album almost reminds me of noise from the Nintendo game, Castlevania. Perfect music to work to, especially if you’re a creator of sorts.
Fugees: The Score – A classic hip-hop album from my childhood. Every song packs a punch! Although, the skits in between each song can get irritating, I think it’s mainly because the songs are so good that you’d rather not wait.