Johnny Cupcakes is the original unordinary bakeshop.

After starting out of the trunk of a car in 2001, Johnny Cupcakes has grown to be an exclusive, international brand with "faux-bakeries" in Boston, London and Los Angeles. Over the past 10 years, an inspiring community of collectors has formed, prompting customers to camp outside the stores for up to two weeks for limited edition product releases. Click through the story above to see more about the events, places and people that make up the brand.

Johnny Cupcakes Christmas Party 2012

Posted on December 29, 2012

Another cozy Johnny Cupcakes Christmas party at my home has come and gone! Every year it’s been a tradition to bring out our staff family and friends from around globe, for a week of holiday games, eating, shopping, and slumber parties at my house. This is the least I can do, as this brand would not be where it is without their support, loyalty, and representation.
I met this musical crew while they were performing on Newbury Street for spare change. After falling in love with their Sam Cooke cover songs, I invited/hired them to play my Christmas party. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we work together, unless they get get huge in the next few months, which is very possible.
Atem and Jessup, hardstyle.
Kellen runs Johnny Cupcakes London on 10 Fouberts Street, Carnaby. She started working with my brand more than 4 years ago, when I brought her on board to help me open up my Los Angeles shop in West Hollywood. We’ve broken many barriers in life together. It’s been awesome having her as a brand ambassador and even more as an awesome friend. I’m also partially responsible for Kellen meeting her fiance in London. This means only 2 people are happy about that, and 2,000 are upset at me because of it.
Dave Green, Johnny Cupcakes designer Clark, and Dave’s partner in crime. Dave and I went to high school together and we also played in bands one another. On top of countless other projects Dave’s worked on with me, recently he helped put together the latest Johnny Cupcakes brand book. My good friend Clark has been designing with JC since we both lived at our parents homes! We’re both aspiring magicians and Back To The Future enthusiasts as well!
Skee-ball tournaments are one of the highlights at every JC party. It’s addicting, especially when you’re able to play for free.
Dandee and Kei going at it on pinball in my arcade cave.
More pinball wizards! My good pals, Chris, Elizabeth and Brendan.
Intense table-top arcade adventures!
Brandon and Molly goofing around in-between snack runs. Brandon writes music, plays guitar in Lions Lions and also works at Johnny Cupcakes Hull. Even some of the comedic songs Brandon has written for fun, sound better than most radio hits out there!
Snacks on snacks on snacks!
Dustin with his other half. Dustin runs Johnny Cupcakes Boston at 279 Newbury Street, and he also runs his own company, Disposable America. When Dustin isn’t working, you can find him working. Amongst many hobbies and mini-jobs, Dustin is a DJ, a craft-master, and a promoter. A well rounded gent!
Kei and Dandee are both a part of the Johnny Cupcakes Cali team at our Los Angeles shop on 7959 Melrose Ave. Kei is a powerhouse when it comes to dodgeball and Terminator 2 trivia. Kei was also baptized in Mountain Dew. Dandee is great photographer and a powerhouse when it comes to random hardcore music and fashion trivia. Dandee was baptized in Mark McNairy clothes.
Ricky and Megan. Ricky is our production manager and has been my brand for years! I’m very proud of the things that he pumps out of his laboratory every day. He’s always got a surprise project or resource that he’s working with. Ricky is related to Josh Brolin, the older brother in Goonies.
Leslie hanging out in Christmas city.
Even my over-sized house mouse was dancing on the side!
Brandon runs Johnny Cupcakes LA. He is a true family man and a joyful soul. Amongst many memories and adventures we’ve shared, we recently had the pleasure of hitting the road with one another during the 2nd half of the traveling, pop-up shop, Johnny Cupcakes Coffin Tour.
VIGO the Carpathian! My old friend Sean and his dad brought me to see Ghostbusters 2 when I was a little boy. This is a commissioned painting that I had done when I bought my home. It gives nightmares to most of my friends and family when they sleep over. I’ve always wanted to have the back painted with VIGO missing, so that I can flip this giant painting around just before bedtime. When my guests go downstairs for some water in the middle of the night, they will turn pale when stumbling upon an escaped VIGO! If I do this, I should probably invest in some extra bedsheets.
My talented designer Chris and I. We’re probably talking nonsense mixed with ideas, mixed with more nonsense. We usually make up 13 goofy songs per week outside of the office bathroom. Even more than a great designer—and aside from the bathroom songs—Chris is really a true musician. Hopefully I can convince him to put out a solo record in 2013/14.
KC and his lady. KC worked at our Johnny Cupcakes Hull location back in the day. One time I DJ’d a party at KC’s (parents) house 5-6 years ago. KC photographed some of our events, such as the grand opening of Johnny Cupcakes London. Not only is he a great photographer, but KC kills it on the court.
Juris, Sonja and I went to high school together. We were occasional troublemakers and still are. Juris is an inventor of sorts and Sonja is an analyst. She also helps me with various organizational projects from time to time.
Ben and his other half, post skee-ball tournament.
Shark bites!
Jessie getting tipsy from too much hot chocolate while Atem and Justin tend to kitchen conversations in the background. Justin is our media futurist and he’s working on some big things for the Johnny Cupcakes brand. Justin and I once worked at Newbury Comics together in 2000/2001, both pre and post the birth of the Johnny Cupcakes brand. At one point we even had a pin-making business together, and we would set up and sell our pins at hardcore/metal shows around New England!
Ben the surfing doctor and Ryan the southern government gent having a chit-chat.
Art from the 1940’s and 1950’s makes me especially happy. Everything back then seemed so simple and pleasant. If I had a time machine, that’s where I’d transport myself! I’d bring back a sports almanac too.
Emma and Ryan, both hailing from England, UK. Ry is a part of the Johnny Cupcakes London team. Emma and I have been pals for years. She’s been a great supporter and brand ambassador, but most of all, a damn good friend. Emma and Ry both checked out my London shop, before it was my London shop (as did Matt Thompson!). They went in and recorded video of the foot traffic inside of the current shop, as I knew their lease was ending soon. This ultimately helped me make the decision of opening up a Johnny Cupcakes shop in London on 10 Fouberts Place, Carnaby Street.


Emma owns Public City PR, which represents some excellent talent amongst many, such as; Deftones, Henry Rollins, A Day To Remember, You Me At Six, The Gaslight Anthem, Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside, and Architects.
Kevin, Krissie, Ray, Marcia, Kate, and Katie. Hard workers, food enthusiasts, and a very pleasant group to have in my life.
A deer in head lights.
Atem, Lauren, Molly, Jessup, Jessie, Mike, Leslie. Atem and Molly are a part of the Johnny Cupcakes Boston team, and Mike is the Johnny Cupcakes photographer, store coordinator, and heavyweight project manager of sorts. Atem is a connoisseur of 90’s hip-hop, old hardcore, and nice clothes. Molly is a connoisseur of laughter, laughter, and laughter. Mike is a connoisseur of Star Wars, anything-Iceland, and nice pizza.
My cousins, Mary, Bubba, and I. Mary is a hair dresser on Martha’s Vineyard. Soon I’m going to have her come into our headquarters to give everyone haircuts every month. Her brother, Bubba, is my sometimes traveling pop-up shop sidekick and JC warehouse superhero—along with Cody and John Burke. He’s pretty gnarly with a Nerf gun too!
Kelley, Johnny Cupcakes family accounts manager juggler, alongside her other half, Brian. Kelley is one of my sisters best friends and we’ve been neighbors with Kelley since she was born. Kelley and my mom do all of the number crunching for my Johnny Cupcakes brand, and they do it well!
Toys! Toys! Toys!
Kol and Kei of the Johnny Cupcakes LA bakery crew, with the best friends and backbone to my life—my mom—the JC chief financial officer juggler. My mom has been my biggest supporter ever since I was selling lemonade and performing magic as a youngster. When Kol isn’t helping us out, he’s working at Flight Club on Fairfax, or baking for the company he started, Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice. You’ve probably ate 1, 2, or 10 of cupcakes at our Los Angeles events.
JC Designer Dale, alongside Ryan of the Johnny Cupcakes London shop. Dale lives in Kansas and has been a longtime fan of the brand. After submitting awesome artwork over the years via the Johnny Cupcakes Facebook Fan Page, we reached out to give this fella a job from afar. Dale is now employed by the Johnny Cupcakes brand and he helps us out monthly with various design work. As we grow, I’m sure his workload will too! I’m happy to have Dale a part of the JC family.
John Burke and Katie are both essential at the Johnny Cupcakes headquarters. With the assistance of Bubba and Cody, John runs our warehouse, inventory, replenishment of our shops, and he still makes time to pack your JC online orders with focus. John has never called in or missed a day of work. Katie represents this brand well as she handles most of our customer service and has made and kept friends/fans from around the globe! Katie also handles many other essential weekly projects and upkeep. These two wonderful people have met through the brand/HQ and have managed to find a balance with working under the same roof, and being in love with one another.
There are many other friends and family of the Johnny Cupcakes brand that were not in the holiday photos, like; My sister Linsay, who does our human resources and a load of other odds and ends; my dad the builder, who has built out most of my shops and has become our on call handyman; Lucas, one of my first customers, employees, and now JC business director; warehouse warrior Cody; Eggy of Johnny Cupcakes Boston; Tuna of JCLA; Q, Maisie and Mikey of Johnny Cupcakes London; and many more! If you haven’t already, you’ll be introduced to them soon. My brand would not be here if it weren’t for these people. With teamwork, we have been able to accomplish the unthinkable. Thank you everyone!