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20(12) Years Later…

(20)12 years ago I started this ‘Johnny Cupcakes’ thing with no idea of where it would lead. With no sense of what would come next, Johnny Cupcakes turned corners, jumped barriers, crossed borders and grew into an inspiring community.   So after 12 years of dizzying movement why does 2012 stand out in my mind? […]

Johnny Cupcakes Christmas Party 2012

Another cozy Johnny Cupcakes Christmas party at my home has come and gone! Every year it’s been a tradition to bring out our staff family and friends from around globe, for a week of holiday games, eating, shopping, and slumber parties at my house. This is the least I can do, as this brand would […]

Surprises: Old Fashioned Notes

In between creative meetings with the team and Nerf battles in the Johnny Cupcakes headquarters, I’ve been making time to scribble weird pictures and personal notes on random packages here and there. Some of the aforementioned packages have been used as battlefield shields in our Nerf combat, so don’t be surprised if you receive a […]

2013 Sneak Previews

Below you will find a few sneak previews of upcoming Johnny Cupcakes products for early 2013. The entire year is going to be bananas though! We’re going to be pushing the boundaries of this brand with exciting projects, packaging, and off-the-wall experiences. I am quite certain that you will be entertained and delighted with what’s […]

3 Things: Packaging, Coca-Cola Japan and Rattlesnake Eggs

Vintage Stainless Steel Sponge Packaging While passing through Utah, I made a stop at a Salt Lake City antique shop that looked like it was hit by a tornado full of awesome. While skimming through their historic piles of prizes, I found Danny Duzit looking right at me with his shining, silver afro. I’m a […]