Johnny Cupcakes is the original unordinary bakeshop.

After starting out of the trunk of a car in 2001, Johnny Cupcakes has grown to be an exclusive, international brand with "faux-bakeries" in Boston, London and Los Angeles. Over the past 10 years, an inspiring community of collectors has formed, prompting customers to camp outside the stores for up to two weeks for limited edition product releases. Click through the story above to see more about the events, places and people that make up the brand.

Behind the Scenes: Halloween Photo Shoot

Posted on October 16, 2012


It is openly known that Halloween is our favorite holiday here at Johnny Cupcakes. From conceptualizing the events, the packaging, to designing the shirts and playing jokes and spooking everybody around the office. But one of the most interesting parts on our side is the photo shoot. This is where we get the opportunity to really have fun, finding props, finding the best people and finding the best locations to really help bring these products to life (or back to life!). Composing and working on a picture on the computer is easy, I can put pen to paper and it will always be the same. but working with people on location is an entirely new challenge that is always shifting minute to minute and once you have something you have to capture it quickly before it’s gone, before the emotion changes… before awkwardness sets in. The photographer for this shoot (and every shoot) is our very own Mike Dravis, the master of light and shadow who planned this all out and made it possible. Mike is one of the most dedicated photographers I know. Last year as the company went on a bowling outing Mike brought his laptop and edited photos the ENTIRE time. Besides our website, you’ve probably seen his work in AP magazine and your cousins’ wedding photos.


About two years ago we went to Barrett’s Haunted Mansion in Abington, MA as a company and got the crap scared out of us. They change the inside every year, and they manage to out-scare themselves every time. It’s that “surprise around the corner” idea that is basically the business model and foundation of Johnny Cupcakes, so it was the perfect location to shoot these shirts. We always have fun with friends on these spooky shoots. Once you see somebody’s scared face you really get to know them better, like seeing them naked, except not. This time we brought along our buddies Trevor, Matt, and Tim from Our Last Night and even their little sister, Lex, got to model. Chelsea Cupcake was there, and our own Chris DeLorenzo was there to art direct and look tough in the new crew neck sweatshirt.




While Mike was busy taking photographs, the models decided to wander the house and take some instagram pics. Here is a collection of shots from the hashtag mansion.