Johnny Cupcakes is the original unordinary bakeshop.

After starting out of the trunk of a car in 2001, Johnny Cupcakes has grown to be an exclusive, international brand with "faux-bakeries" in Boston, London and Los Angeles. Over the past 10 years, an inspiring community of collectors has formed, prompting customers to camp outside the stores for up to two weeks for limited edition product releases. Click through the story above to see more about the events, places and people that make up the brand.

Event Recap: JC Boston 5 Year

Posted on May 19, 2011

We recently celebrated the 5 year anniversary of the Johnny Cupcakes Boston, 279 Newbury Street location. 5 years ago the risk was taken, to go from paying a little amount of money for rent in my hometown—to a scary amount of money for rent in the city of Boston. You know what I say? You have to spend an arm and a leg, to make more arms and legs. That, and location is super important. Well, with wonderful employees, die-hard customers, & sort of open minded neighbors—throughout the past 5 years we’ve been able to to stay strong and even grow a bit, despite the unstable economy. Thank you all for your loyalty and dedication. We love you too, which is why we’re always concocting fun ways to make you smile, laugh, and maybe pee your pants a little. Okay, I probably shouldn’t of said the pee part..
With the help of Justin—Clark & Chris did a great job knocking out some in-store exclusive gems!
For this special event, my mom made cupcakes for everyone. It’s always funny when we give out free cupcakes on special events. Why? Well, all of the miserable people who hate the fact that we’re a t-shirt bakery that doesn’t sell real food…yep, those people… they walk by my shop(s) complaining about us not having cupcakes, and then BAM! Hundreds of people are coming in and out of my shop with real cupcakes in their hand. Ha.
Everyone had the opportunity to spin the magic Johnny Cupcakes wheel. You could win something as big as a $100 gift card… or as small and random as a box of orange Tic-Tacs. You’ll be happy to know that many people walked away with $100 JC gift cards.
For this celebration/event/release – Josh camped out for what seemed like an entire year. It was around a weekish though. Throughout that week – many other Johnny Cupcakers were camping out too. Thank goodness this wasn’t in the wintertime, or else our buddy Josh would have been a snowman. This is one of the reasons I try not to have too many special events in the wintertime, because I don’t want my die hard customers catching hypothermia.
Anthony, the worldwide traveler, Johnny Cupcakes hula-hoop winner, and all around positive dude. He’s been braving out many JC releases in Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, and even London!
I love how this brand brings people together. Celebrating the JC brand with family, friends, and always making new friends and family. It’s always great to see familiar faces and supporters throughout the years..

This group of hilarious, creative, fashionable, smart kids are from Brockton. Brockton has a lot of heart, but is also a tough town to break out of, as many kids go down the wrong path. This group seems to have good heads on their shoulders, and they probably have great friends and family. We talked about surrounding yourself with positive people and keeping busy. The kid bending down and holding up the cupcake, is quite the entrepreneur and character. He needs his own television show. Aside from his off the wall personality, he’s a hard working dude. In his high school, he sells electronics, video games, jewelry, candy, and more. He reminds me of myself. I hope to see more of these kids, especially at dodgeball next week (if you see this, try to come out!)
One of our top online customers & collectors, Raija Aho, ventured out from the west coast to attend a few Johnny Cupcakes events. I had the pleasure of meeting Raija, and her amazing, huge family when I was in Portland, OR last year (hi Raija’s family & little sister who crafted me the awesome dish!). I bet Christmastime at here home is the bestest. I want to have a family some day, that’s just as big as hers. Thanks again Raija! Everyone had a great time hanging out and meeting you. Hopefully we’ll see you again soon!

Kanye West’s doppleganger came through. Anytime he attends our events, people can’t seem to wipe the smiles from their faces. That’s a good quality to have, mister. Great seeing you!


Along with Mike Dravis, who runs JC Boston and most of our t-shirt photo shoots — Dustin has been doing a wonderful job holding down Johnny Cupcakes Boston. Dustin is a Moxie beverage connoisseur, writer, and graphic designer. Dustin is going to be traveling out to California soon, to visit former employee, Matt Quinn—who we all miss and are proud of. Matt has taken some risks, traveling, working hard, and like his favorite power ranger – he’s been using his behind the scenes ninja moves in the film industry.


Atem is new to the JC Boston shop. Along with the rest of the team, Atem helped successfully slay this event. I couldn’t believe we went finished while it was still light out! We went through the entire line that wrapped down Newbury Street, fed everyone treats, and had in-store games going on. Good job Atem, and everyone at JC Boston.

Nick’s been running and reinventing the very first Johnny Cupcakes shop – in Hull, Massachusetts (Nantasket Beach). Recently, Nick revamped the entire shop which was a very pleasant surprise. Nantasket Beach / Hull is a beautiful town, especially in the summer. Mini golf, carousel, arcades, restaurants, breathtaking views, and since it’s on a peninsula, you’ve got the beach/ocean & the bay (“that’s the bay behind us”).


After taking a mini break, Chrissy is back in action at JC Boston! She’s getting her photography on, and has helped assist Mike recently. We’ve got so many talented people on the Johnny Cupcakes team, both within, and outside of work. Same goes for our customers. It’s always exciting to see everyones passion and progression.


Chrissy vs. Nick.


Chris, Cody, and John Burke conversing. As mentioned earlier, Chris knocked out some amazing shirts for this release. That Boston skyline one has got to be one of my favorites. Cody entered the Boston shop for his very first time! He’s been with us for years, running the warehouse/shipping with John Burke. Both Cody, John Burke (and Bubba) have been responsible for almost every online order you receive – as well as replenishing the physical Johnny Cupcakes locations, doing inventory, and helping play an integral role in the backbone of this brand.
When they’re not working, they’re playing Call Of Duty or W.O.W. (World of Warcraft). I’d love to hang out with Cody and John Burke more often, it’s just going to be a struggle with their video game addiction. Don’t let that fool you though. They’re just as sharp as they are with video games, as they are with dodgeball, softball, basketball, photography & working out. We’ve got a pull up bar and other various challenges at the warehouse right now, for the JC SBP (summer body plan). Cody holds various records in basketball. I’ve got the pull up record currently, which is 29 pull ups in a row. In my next life, maybe I’ll have a slam dunk record… but for now it’s the pull ups.


Super Mario bow tie bros.

Henry, Paul and crew. Henry is actually moving to Philly soon, to start a food truck business with another fellow Johnny Cupcaker, Nati Jay. Pretty sweet how they met through this brand. Another neat thing that I appreciate is how the Johnny Cupcakes brand fosters entrepreneurship. Almost every other customer has, or is starting their own company, project, or brand. If Henry and Nati Jay have their business together 110%, we’ll hire them here and there for special events—just like we did with Los Angeles customer, Jenny Rae and her awesome cake-ball company, Lil Rae Cakes
The fine folks of 3 Scoops took part in this celebration. They are one of the great hidden treasures in Boston/Brighton. They were giving out coffee & doughnuts ice cream, cucumber vanilla ice cream, & apple cider sorbet. These are just a few of their many handmade, local, organic ice cream flavors.


Check this out… Now I’ve heard JC customers that have gotten pulled over with their Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt on that have been let go by the police, due to their mutual Johnny Cupcakes bond. Same with my customers going out to eat at restaurants or shopping for sneakers and getting big discounts. Well… If you go to the 3 Scoops ice cream shop in Brighton, MA at 403 Washington Street with your Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt on, you will receive 50% off! Not only that, but you’ll have tried some of the most delicious ice cream! Chances are, you’ll see me there, with my head inside of their coconut ice cream.