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My Friend Sheel.

Meet my friend Sheel. We’ve been good friends ever since we were 14 years old. Whoa, that’s crazy to think about it because it’s nearly half of my lifetime. We’ve played in a few different bands together in our time, and we were both always the hard-working promoters of our bands. Sheel is a positive, […]

Memorial Day Weekend.

Aside from the traffic – I hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! Some friends and I caused a handful of memorable mischief. Speaking of, gotta go!

Free Cupcake Weekend.

This weekend we’ll be giving out free cupcakes w/ every t-shirt purchase @ all Johnny Cupcakes locations. Swing on by for a delightful snack and a t-shirt. Enjoy!

The Magical Mystery Selection.

Just added to the Johnny Cupcakes Online Shop — The Magical Mystery Selection! You will receive a few random items. The average Mystery Selection will consist of one major item & a few accessories/promotional items. Whatever it is, you’ll be getting a mystery deal. Sometimes we’ll feel saucy and we’ll randomly hook it up with […]